Project Grizzly

I’ve never been a huge fan of documentaries, they just never seem to live up to the hype.  I’d rather watch an original film shot like a documentary or a mockumentary, something like Spinal Tap.  Unless you are super excited about the topic, documentaries rarely have enough material to keep you interested, and there is typically no payoff at the end.  Such is the problem with Project Grizzly.  This documentary is the story of Troy Hurtubise, a man whose life was spared by a grizzly while walking through the Canadian wilderness.  Now years later he is back to find the grizzly, with the help of his homemade bear-suit, the Ursus Mark VI.

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Zombie (aka Zombi 2)

An opening shot of a man shooting a gun at what appears to be a body tied up in a canvas bag and a single line of dialog – “The boat can leave now, tell the crew”  is the only clue Lucio Fulci provides you before the title of Zombie.  Next we know, that boat is sailing aimlessly into the New York harbor, where some Coast Guard officers find what’s left of the crew – a lone decaying zombie – and it’s got a hankerin’ for some fresh flesh.

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Trailer Tuesday: Demolition University

Just last week we brought you the Corey Haim gem “Demolition High“, and for this week’s Trailer Tuesday, we bring you “Demolition University”!

If this is half as good as Demolition High, then y’all are in for a huge treat!  We’ll be taking a look at Demolition University in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Demolition High

With the passing of Corey Haim on March 10th, we have decided that we’d like to pay a little tribute in our own way to Mr. Haim’s stellar career. First up on our agenda is 1996 film Demolition High, directed by none other than b-movie god, Jim Wynorski.  In Demolition High, Haim plays Lenny Slater, a new student at Mayfield High school who hasn’t been able to fit in.  He’s from the mean streets of Brooklyn, but he didn’t bargain for his school getting overrun by terrorists on his first day.

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