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With the passing of Corey Haim on March 10th, we have decided that we’d like to pay a little tribute in our own way to Mr. Haim’s stellar career. First up on our agenda is 1996 film Demolition High, directed by none other than b-movie god, Jim Wynorski.  In Demolition High, Haim plays Lenny Slater, a new student at Mayfield High school who hasn’t been able to fit in.  He’s from the mean streets of Brooklyn, but he didn’t bargain for his school getting overrun by terrorists on his first day.

Besides being held hostage by terrorists, Lenny has one more strike against him.  He’s the son of the town’s police chief, Leo Slater (Alan Thicke), and that makes him a valuable asset for the terrorists to have.  If they catch him, they’ll have leverage in their negotiations and shouldn’t have much of a problem getting their demands.  In the meantime, the terrorists – led by Luther (Jeff Kober) – stole a missile from a nearby military facility, and have it aimed at the local power plant.  The only thing that can stop them now is Lenny, and his unexplained knowledge of guerrilla warfare.

Sean: I gotta get this out of the way, this movie is like the illegitimate child of Die Hard, Toy Soldiers and the hallway chase scene from The Breakfast Club – I swear, this school is friggin huge!  Corey Haim turns in a great performance in a role that seems like it was tailor made for him.  He has more one liners than John McClean, and it looks like he even taught MacGuyver a thing or two.

Monkeyface: You are dead on about the queues this movie takes from Die Hard. The terrorists lie about their demands to throw off the cops/FBI, the power gets shut down, there is a huge explosion which takes out terrorists, and Haim is the rogue piece to the puzzle messing up the terrorist’s plans. You can tell the director (AKA H.R. Blueberry) spent a lot of time watching late 80’s action films.

Sean: I can’t stress enough how resourceful Lenny is.  He fills a fire extinguisher nozzle with ballpoint pens and shoots them into some chick’s gut…  He spills out oil and makes a dude slide face first into a circular saw, and he fills a high school science lab with natural gas and blows a dude up.  If that’s what our high school kids are learning these days, consider me happy to have graduated with my life.  And don’t let me understate how bad ass Alan Thicke is.  I always thought he was kind of a wuss in Growing Pains, but after seeing this,that dude is one smooth operator.

Monkeyface: Both Thicke and Haim were great in this movie. In fact the acting was above average by just about everyone except the lame principal who gets whacked pretty early on anyways. It was a pretty fast paced film too, no real slow parts and they even threw in a few jokes… like when Lenny comes up short with change for the pay phone and says to himself “damn, shouldn’t have bought that second milk!”

Sean: Demolition High is one movie I wish I would have caught a long time ago.   I was totally entertaining all the way through, and Corey Haim was just awesome.  I mean, how can you not love a movie with Corey Haim, Alan Thicke, Jeff Kober and… I didn’t even mention this before, but Dick Van Patten is in it too!  HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT?  That’s like an all star cast right there!  I can only hope Demolition University is half as good.  Demolition High gets 4.5 wisecracks about how high school sucks by a 28 year old high school student out of 5.

Monkeyface: I didn’t really know what to expect from this movie, sure it has an All-Star cast, but it’s made by a guy who’s claim to fame in my office is Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade! But after watching this movie it is a real shame he’s taken the route of Skin-emax Softcore Porn director now. It seems like he really had a lot of potential, but let’s face it movies like The Hills Have Thighs and Cleavagefield probably make him more money. I would definitely recommend this movie to all my friends and our dedicated readers. I give it 4 naive cops and security guards getting blown away by a hot female terrorist in black leather pants out of 5.

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  1. Ok – normally things I just don’t like -> the 2 Corys. But your review has me intrigued. I can’t imagine Haim and Thicke offering up stellar performances, but I will take your word for it and give this one a try….. and who knows? I might even check out The Hills Have Thighs 🙂

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