Tony tells the story of an unemployed, antisocial loner with exquisite taste in 80’s action flicks, which oddly enough, sounds like the target demographic for this website.  He spends his days trying to strike up conversation with strangers on the street that don’t have any interest in reciprocating that conversation – and why would they?  He seems to be able to hold a conversation with himself that’s a lot more interesting than anything those strangers could possibly come up with.  While on the outside, he seems oblivious to the world around him, inside there’s something much more sinister than you would ever suspect.

Tony (Peter Ferdinando) is a sociopath with no regards to anything besides luring young men back to his apartment to watch action flicks, and then by whatever means necessary, lulling them into a false sense of security before brutally killing them.  His usual prey seem to be drug addicts looking for a high, and overzealous men he meets at gay bars, but when a local boy goes missing, Tony begins to feel the heat.

Sean: I thought the opening of this movie was really well done, and it set the tone right from the get-go.  The cinematography and direction are well done, and the grittiness of the visuals also put you right in the mood.  We get to follow Tony walking the streets alone carrying his plastic grocery bags filled with mundane everyday contents off of his grocery list, to him sitting alone in his apartment, watching old action movies of the bad guys getting blown away.  We’re clued in a little later that those bags are actually how Tony helps get rid of the evidence.

Monkeyface: I was psyched to see we share the same taste in action movies and stars, but then a little scared to think I too might turn out like Tony in the future!  This really is what happens when you are so far outside of society that you rely on fiction as a basis for your reality.  For a while I almost thought Tony was skitzo, but then soon realized that he knew exactly what he was doing.  He almost had a brilliance about him… CREEPY!

Sean: One complaint that I have about the film is that the sound could have been done a lot better.  The music was very well done, and while simple, fits the movie perfectly but for the dialog, I got the feeling that a lot of the time they were probably filming in the street and had a hard time capturing everything that was said.   It helps add to that grittiness that I was talking about before, but it’s distracting.  I had to keep messing around with my volume because at times the music would be too loud and then the dialog would go from very quiet to very loud.  While that was distracting, I still didn’t have problem following what was going on.

Monkeyface: I definitely agree on the sound quality, but maybe the screener wasn’t quite finished.  There is a always a certain disconnect for American’s watching a movie from the UK because there is so much slang (think Layer Cake, Snatch, Lock Stock, etc).  Those movies I had to watch a couple times to pick out everything.  Thankfully the dialogue in the movie isn’t the driving force.  The actions and expressions of Tony are what really fill you in on what’s going on.

Sean: Tony is a well done film, and I was very surprised to hear that it was made by a first time writer/director in Gerard Johnson.  Johnson put together a great film that did what a movie about a sociopathic killer is supposed to do, make you uneasy and anxious to see what’s going to come next.  Peter Ferdinando makes this movie, and he played the role of Tony just a little too well.  While the film is rather short, clocking in at only 76 minutes, it’s 76 minutes that will chill you to the bone.  While I have to subtract a little bit from the overall score because of the sound issues, Tony gets 3.5 blue plastic shopping bags out of 5.

Monkeyface: Having seen quite a few movies about disturbing serial killers I have to say that this one did it very well.  Ferdinando was excellent, and the fact it could be so short and still get the point across speaks to the quality of the script.  There were quite a few disturbing parts that I didn’t expect in this movie which made me cringe, and I’m saying that as a good thing!  I would definitely recommend this to our readers and anyone who likes to take a break from the normal trash Hollywood puts out as horror/thrillers and gives this independent a try.  I give Tony a 3.5 disco gay bars out of 5.

Tony is available on DVD on April 6th from Revolver Entertainment

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  1. I haven’t watched this movie yet but based on the synopsis it sounds like it was inspired by the real life Jeffrey Dahmer murders. If so…creepy.

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