Dennis Hopper Dead at 74

They say celebrities always pass in threes… yesterday it was Gary Coleman, and today it’s Dennis Hopper.  Dennis Hopper was a very talented actor/writer/director who gave us some great b-movies over his 56 year career in the business.  Some of the finer points of his B-Movie resume are: Land of the DeadSpace Truckers, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and two of my personal favorite non B-Movies Blue Velvet and Jesus’ Son amongst many, many others.

Dennis passed away in his Venice Beach home earlier this morning after a year long battle with prostate cancer.  He was 74.  At this very moment, I’m editing a review for Super Mario Bros., and wanted to take time out and say from all of us at Internal Bleeding, Dennis, you will be missed.

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Slumber Party Massacre

Slumber parties back in the day used to be a fun time to get together with your friends to watch some trash movies, eat a little greasy pizza, tell some ridiculous stories and then wake up your parents because you’re all laughing too loud about the whole thing.  Maybe you hung with a crowd that would draw penises on the face of the first person who fell asleep or dip their hand in some water to see if they’d piss themselves but it usually wouldn’t get more serious than that.  More than likely, you wouldn’t have to worry about someone systematically stalking and murdering you, your friends, your neighbors and classmates – unless your life was the basis of Slumber Party Massacre!

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The Perfect Weapon

It doesn’t get much simpler than this:  A boy can’t be controlled by his father, so he enrolls him a class to learn the ways of a martial art – to teach him discipline.  The boy becomes a master of the art, but still hasn’t quite grasped the concept of the discipline part.  After beating up some kid in the schoolyard, he gets banished from his home, and years later returns to reconnect with his old master.  When the master gets murdered, the boy has finally become a man – and a master himself, and avenges his friend.  He has become THE PERFECT WEAPON! 😀 (that title just begs to be capitalized.)

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Trailer Tuesdays: The Perfect Weapon

This week for Trailer Tuesday, we bring you Jeff Speakman as “THE PERFECT WEAPON”


I like watching a film and then watching the trailer to see how out of order they present everything, or if they give away any of the plot .  You definitely aren’t going to be watching The Perfect Weapon for the plot, but I’ll talk about that more in my review later this week.