Twin Sitters

Twins… Didn’t everyone at one point wish they had a twin?  Someone you could switch classes with or someone you could play pranks on unknowing bystanders?  Maybe you and your twin could bulk up and look like giants compared to normal people and dress like your colorblind mother set your clothes out for you each morning.  If the latter was ever your secret wish, then the 1994 flick “Twin Sitters” starring David and Peter Paul might be right up your alley.

David and Peter appropriately play David and Peter Falcone, a couple of waiters in a crappy Italian restaurant.  When they upset the chef by not picking up orders in a timely manner, he kicks them out on the street.  They get the bright idea that they should open up their own restaurant instead of working for someone else.  When their attempts at getting a new business loan fails because all they have is food to show, and no collateral, they head to the local park to give their food to the homeless.  While at the park, they help thwart an assassination attempt on a wealthy trucking magnate by his mob associate, and are praised as local heroes.

That trucking magnate gets called out to give some grand jury testimony, and he seeks out the Falcone brothers to do him a favor – watch his two nephews while he’s gone.  They come back to his home to realize it’s a huge mansion, and the two nephews are a pair of mischievous and stubborn twin brothers (who you might recognize as the same twins from Kindergarten Cop) – how fitting!  The Falcone brothers and the twins get into hilarious situations and hi jinks ensue!

Twin Sitters is cheesier than a lasagna, and has a sense of humor that any 8 year old would love.  I have to admit, even being that low brow, I actually did laugh at a few scenes.  I also got a good laugh out of all the different costumes that the Paul brothers (you might know them as the Barbarian Brothers, or recognize them from our review of The Barbarians) wear throughout the movie.  They wear some of the most ridiculous clothes I have ever seen, and that’s only amplified by the fact that these guys are pretty huge.

While I got a few slight laughs out of the film, I couldn’t help but wonder who this movie was made for.  It seems like some of the humor would fly over the top of some younger viewers, a lot of older viewers would just get tired of the slapstick and over used stereotypes (the Aunt Jemima-eque old black woman cook, the hispanic gardener and maid, stuffy English butler, etc).  I was surprised to see George Lazenby in this movie, as I hadn’t realized he did much outside of the one James Bond film on his resume, Rena Sofer as the love interest of the Paul brothers, and Danny Lee Clark (aka Nitro from the original American Gladiators) as an assassin.  If I could acknowledge the film for anything, it would be for the music.  If I could find the soundtrack to Twin Sitters, I’d buy it in an instant.  It’s full of music that the Paul brothers performed themselves, which consists of mostly mid to early 90’s hip hop.

So if you have a younger kid or niece or nephew over and you didn’t mind explaining some of the humor to them, this might be something you could watch that isn’t too offensive.  Other than that, Twin Sitters probably isn’t going to tickle your funny bone too well, unless you want to groove to some sweet tunes.  Twin Sitters gets 2 pumps up out of 5.


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