Birdemic: Shock and Terror

I think it’s safe to say that the goal of this website is to find some of the funniest, off the wall, crazy, “holy shit, what did I just watch” movies out there.  Sometimes you come across great stuff, like Undefeatable, The Stabilizer or The Room, and then sometimes you find horrible crap like Cocaine Cowboys, Zombie Vs. Ninja or Attack of the Slime People.  And then… there’s Birdemic. Let’s take a look at our last movie of 31 Days of Horror, shall we?

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Puppet Master 5

Puppet Master 5 – the Final Chapter, isn’t the last movie in the series, but it does essentially end the initial Andre Toulon storyline.  In fact there are now 5 more movies which use the Puppet Master name, the most recent being released in July, 2010.  I’ve had a great time with the first four, each one adds it’s own mark to the series, but PM5 is the first actual continuation in the series from the previous movie.  It takes place just a few days after the events of PM4, so you definitely need to see that one first or at least read my review.

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Phenomena aka Creepers

I’m always interested to see where people got there start in movies. Take Billy Bob Thorton for instance.  One of his first was a terrible flick called Chopper Chicks in Zombietown.  Most people in fact start with something bad, or just small, like Robert Patrick in Equalizer 2000.  They work with other little known people.  But Jennifer Connelly had a much different beginning.  Her first big break was working with two horror legends, Donald Pleasence and Dario Argento.  We all know Pleasence from the Halloween series and other John Carpenter movies.  Argento isn’t well known in the US, but in Europe he’s a household name in terror.  He took a big chance with a young Connelly in the fright fest Phenomena, which was later released in the States as Creepers.

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Bubba Ho-Tep

Chances are you know what/who Bubba is – some Southern guy, a redneck, trailer trash, you get the picture.  But what about Ho-Tep?  I bet you didn’t know it was a descendant of the 17th Egyptian Dynasties.  Well I didn’t know that either until a few hours ago.  I bet you also thought that Elvis died of a heart-attack, and that JFK was killed in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald.  I also would bet that you had no idea all those things could be thrown into a movie, and that said movie would answer the age old question:  “Is there finally and really anything to life other than food, shit, and sex?” – Elvis

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