Let Me In

I’m always skeptical of new horror movies that I see in the theater.  Very rarely do they have the scariness or “Oh DAMN” factor that I’m looking for; and I’ve yet to come across anything with a story that engulfed me and actually made me take a step back and think about how meaningful a movie can be… until now!  Let Me In is a remake of the Norwegian movie titled Let the Right One In.  Normally remakes of any kind are garbage, but if you prefer to be 100% in the dark about the movie let me just say that every horror movie fan NEEDS to see this, and preferably in the theater!


Owen is a 12 year old boy who lives in New Mexico with his mom.  He’s not troubled, yet, but he gets picked on a lot and it eats away at him every day.  His parents are getting a divorce and they fight quite a bit on the phone.  He hides behind his telescope at night and spies on the neighbors.  He longs for some excitement, but what he really wants and needs is a friend!  In comes Abby.  Her and her father just moved in next door to Owen, but right off the bat you realize they aren’t your typical family.  Abby doesn’t wear any shoes, even outside in the snow, and she is very apprehensive about being Owen’s friend.

It’s very rare that I will review a movie and not give away any of the detail, but I feel in this case I need to tread lightly based on how well I think most of our readers will appreciate this movie.  If you’ve seen the trailer, or the original movie, then you know Abby is a vampire.  She needs blood to survive, and like all non-Twilight vampires she cannot go out into the sunlight.  Her and her father travel from town to town searching for victims in order to keep Abby alive.  Even though she is much older than her 12 year old appearance, you can tell she has never really let anyone get close to her in fear she may have to take their life too.  Deep down she does have a heart though and Abby views her condition as a curse.  Whereas most vampires view themselves as better than normal humans, she doesn’t want others to become like her.  So she had her dad do the killing, or she breaks the necks of her victims.  It was a very subtle part of the movie that I didn’t pick up on right away, but it is a very important piece to Abby’s morality.

While on the outside this movie is every bit a horror flick, just as gruesome as anything you’ll see these days, the real passion comes from the relationship between Owen and Abby.  They quickly become best friends, and even when Owen learns she is a vampire he never turns his back on Abby.  Even at such a young age the chemistry between Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) is remarkable.  They play off each other so well, and I would have to believe some of that comes from the direction of Matt Reeves (Cloverfield).  Moretz’s character was extremely dark and creepy, yet you can’t help but feel for both her and Owen.  It as if they’ve waited their whole lives to find each other, Abby has just waited a lot longer.  I’ve never given my absolute stamp of approval on a movie before, but this one gets it.  I dare anyone to see this movie and claim without a doubt that they didn’t like it.  In fact I think most people will love it!  Let Me In gets a well-deserved 5 true gory vampire love story stars out of 5!  Go see it, it’s a must!

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