Every now and then, especially during election years, certain topics come to light, such as, separation of church and state, immigration, racism and abortion.  While the endless blah blah blahing from either side is enough to make my ears bleed, I thought it was time to get a different perspective..  So that got me thinking, hmm, how would forces of evil deal with these social issues?  They already have a lot of issues with separation of church and state because they’re always getting exorcised or banished, immigration and racism are not new to them either, with civilians always scolding them, “not in my neighborhood”.  That leaves abortion.  So imagine my delight when I saw this movie sitting on the video rental shelf!

Pro Life is about a guy named Dwayne (Ron Perlman) who is a fierce Pro Life supporter, in fact, he has been banned from the local “womens health” facility because of past threats of violence.  Now imagine his anger when he finds out that his daughter, Angelique has been escorted into the facility by two of the employees that work there.  Now, it was by chance that this happened because Angelique was apparently running around the local forests and roads for no reason and felt the strong urge to run right out in front of their car.  Being good hearted people, they decided to take her to the clinic, not for an abortion, but to be sure she is medically sound.  Unfortunately, Dwayne happens upon a visit just as they are taking his daughter in.

Throughout the movie, Dwayne and his three sons use any means necessary to bust in the clinic to get his daughter out.  The young sons are apparently skilled in espionage because they have all the tools and know-how necessary to cut phone lines to an entire complex and scale barbed wire fences with ease.  The perfect team to storm a clinic!  Dwayne himself is a weapons expert, because he carries various shotguns and pistols around with him in the back of his van, and when shooting down a door, instead of just shooting the lock, the family turns the door into Swiss cheese to get inside.  I didn’t realize that it takes 50 rounds to bust a door down.

Angelique’s story, by contrast isn’t so cool.  She soon confesses that she was pulled underground by a demon and raped and now is pregnant with said demons baby.  That explains why after 1 week of carrying she is ready to deliver, but she knows the baby is evil so she wants it aborted.  However, her father is hell bent against that because “God” told him to save the baby.  The doctors at the clinic were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, facing an angry family, which is also armed, wanting the baby to live, and a demon from hell who also wants the same thing.

The stakes are high and the players named.  Who will win this battle not only for the baby’s life, but also for all those hell spawned demons that believe in Pro Choice?  Lines have been drawn, 7 civilians, one doctor with dual pistols and a bullet proof vest versus Dwayne (armed with a pistol, and his 3 shotgun wielding sons, and a demon from hell).  Despite both sides having special finishing moves, from Dwayne’s Male Abortion (quite disturbing), the doctors shoot blindly at an empty hall skill, and the demons fist punching death blow, the final battle is not so great.  Written and director for the Master of Horror series by John Carpenter, this movie was somewhat entertaining for the sheer absurdity of it, but in the end, the bad story and even worse special effects give Pro Life 1.5 illegitimate demon babies out of 5!

Pro-Life: [usr=1.5]

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