Puppet Master 2

If you haven’t had a chance to read my review for the first Puppet Master you probably should before continuing.  The original story leads into number two so it’s kind of important.  It’s been a few years since the puppets rebelled against Neil and killed him.  This time a few paranormal researchers and an old ghost hunter (Camille) arrive at the Bodega Bay Inn to investigate the strange events that seem to plague this place!  They are following some pretty crazy claims from a mental patient named Alex Weather.  Alex just happens to be the only person left from the group of psychics who came to the inn before.  The only other survivor was the owner of the inn Megan Gallagher, and after we found out she was the true puppet master she was brutally murdered by having her brain extracted through her nose!  So now who is the master?

Our story begins with the original five puppets pouring some green liquid into the grave-site of Andre Toulon.  Toulon rises out of the grave, but he can’t exactly walk around looking like a 50 year old corpse.  So he mummifies himself and takes on the name Eriquee Chanee.  He approaches the research team as the true owner of the inn, but they aren’t quite buying it.  After Camille and one of the researchers are killed, we learn the reason why the puppets have raised Toulon.  After 50 years their life force is dwindling.  They need him to use his magic to save them.  In order to keep the puppets and Toulon alive, he send them out on a killing spree to retrieve the brain matter of living humans, not dead or burnt up ones, and not from animals!  Well, I guess they aren’t living after their brain matter is stolen!

As Toulon gets more brain matter we begin to realize he is up to something, and he kidnaps one of the researchers who he believes is his reincarnated wife, Elsa.  He builds himself a new puppet body, cause let’s face it that crusty corpse with bandages isn’t going to fool too many more people.  He also builds Elsa a new wooden body even though the one she has is quite nice.  I guess flesh does tend to wrinkle and stretch after a few hundred years.  But as he begins to transition himself into this new body his puppets begin to realize they aren’t needed anymore.  They’ve screwed up a few times with the burnt brains and animal brains, and Toulon has lost faith in them.  So they turn on him and show Toulon you shouldn’t mess with a bunch of puppets with weapons… especially when you are a big ass wooden puppet and your newest creation has a flamethrower arm!

While I must say the end rivals the end of the first in creepiness, overall this wasn’t as good as the original.  I think my biggest beef against this movie has to do with Toulon’s ultimate plan.  In the original we see how much his puppets mean to him; they are almost like children.  But Toulon takes a huge step, from loving his puppets to using them for his own evil deed.  It just didn’t seem like something he would have done.  The puppets get the ultimate revenge though, and they steal most of the movie again.  I can’t give this one as high marks as I gave the original, but that can be said for a lot of sequels.  If you liked the first you should like this, and the story takes a big enough leap from the first to make it worthwhile.  I give Puppet Master 2, 3 creepy-ass life size human puppets out of 5!

P.S. – Pay attention for a small part by B-movie great George ‘Buck’ Flower and also Corbin Bersen’s brother, Collin.


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