Puppet Master 4

With the 4th installment of Puppet Master we jump back to the present, well the present of 1993.  As we know from Puppet Master 3, Andre Toulon has made his way to the United States to escape the Nazi Gestapo.  In part 1 Toulon committed suicide at the Bodega Bay Inn to keep his pursuers from gaining the secrets to reanimating the dead.  But his formula and research wasn’t completely lost.  A group of scientists, including young Rick Myers, are very close to uncovering the secrets to artificial intelligence.  To find it they must battle some strange little foes, but not the ones you are probably thinking.

Rick and a few of his colleagues are working late, but from different offices around the country.  Dr. Carl Baker and Dr. Leslie Piper both receive strange packages which they didn’t order.  It’s these small gremlin looking demon dolls.  Upon further inspection, both creatures come to life and murder the 2 doctors.  Rick however doesn’t receive a package.  He is working hard at the Bodega Bay Inn on some robotic A.I. that he thinks will revolutionize the world.  After some robotic laser tag with a couple glorified Roombas, Rick gets few visitors in the form of his girlfriend Suzie, her friend Lauren, and Lauren’s boyfriend Cameron who Rick knows from college.  Cam has always been a complete tool to Rick and trying to steal his work, so there is some thick animosity there.

During some snooping around the Inn, Lauren, who is also a psychic, stumbles up Toulon’s trunk full of puppets.  She is scared to death of these things, but Rick and Cam fumble through Toulon’s diary and are able to reanimate Tunneler, Pinhead, Six-Shooter, and Jester.  Blade was already out of the box and following them around.  With this discovery both Rick and Cam realize they have stumbled upon something special.  So why not have a little fun and strap lasers to Tunneler and Pinhead for some more laser tag!

While Rick is playing with his new toys, Cam and Lauren use Toulon’s Ouija Board to try and summon his spirit.  But unfortunately they have no idea what they are doing, and while attempting to learn the formula, they actually unlock the true secrets of where the reanimation serum came from.  We know Toulon got it from the Egyptians, but we find out that they actually made a pact with the Demon God Sutek to gain the formula.  Sutek is a little pissed that people are still trying to find the formula, hence sending his miniature demon soldiers to try and kill anyone who gets close to it.  Now it’s up to Rick, Toulon’s ghost, and Rick’s new puppet friends to fight off the demons and save the secret of reanimation.  But they will need a little help from Toulon’s greatest creation, the Decapitron!

While PM4 doesn’t have the scariness that the first 3 did, there is still a lot to like about this movie.  It definitely is high on the cheesiness scale, but that’s not all bad.  The best thing is that the puppets take a bigger role in this movie and we all know that’s what people want to see.  I was curious to see where Full Moon took the series since everything had been done before, but they decided to dig a little deeper with the back story while showing off some pretty good special effects for the time.  Plus PM4 really sets up PM5 and the final battle between the puppets and Sutek.  I’m pretty excited to watch and review that one.  Puppet Master 4 gets 3 lightening bolt shooting Decapitron heads out 5!

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