Slumber Party Massacre II

Every night while she sleeps, Courtney Bates has dreams of her friends and mom dying at the hands of a maniacal, laughing, leather clad dude that sporting a guitar with a giant drill bit on the end.  She’s had the dreams for years, and it sent her older sister Kim to a mental institution, because she just couldn’t handle it anymore.  Courtney has been able to deal with the pressure, but that’s only because of her awesome all girl rock band, and great friends.  She’s going to be going away with those friends for her birthday, but little does she know that this will turn into a Slumber Party Massacre… II!

Slumber Party Massacre II takes over a few years after the conclusion of Slumber Party Massacre, where Kim and Courtney Bates helped take care of the driller killer.  Now, Courtney’s (Crystal Bernard) dreams of death and a new Driller Killer are starting to invade her reality.  While away on the weekend retreat with no parents, she’s hallucinating about exploding zits overtaking friends faces, and dead chickens jumping out of the refrigerator.   It’s a little more than she can stand, and luckily when her new boyfriend Matt (Primal Rage‘s Patrick Lowe) comes to visit and calm her down.  It’s too little too late though, and when they start to “make it”, the killer escapes her dreams and the shit really hits the fan when he starts a bloody rampage.

While that might sound pretty fun to watch, it takes too long to actually get to that point.  The original cut that I watched only had a 75 minute run time, and an hour of that was filled with Courtney’s hallucinations scaring her into running down to tell her friends what she saw, and them staring at her blankly.  The rest of that hour is filled with pretty bad lip sync’ed performances of the all girl band’s songs.  Hell, when the killer actually shows up, the guy dances around and does the splits, all the while aping like he’s actually playing his guitar/drill/machine of death and lip syncing to his own craptastic song.

The concept is good, 4 good looking teenage girls getting away for a weekend with no parents, and some boys showing up.  You’d think you’d have a lot of topless shots, and teen sex romps, but there’s really only one scene that has any nudity whatsoever.  Instead, you get a movie where every scene has the soundtrack of the killer’s annoying laughter, indicating that something Caaaaaaraaaa-zzzzzy! is going to happen, and poof! Crystal Bernard has a hand in a hamburger bun that only she can see, or a bathtub that fills up with blood that she runs away from – only to have her friend come and check it out and see that it’s full of bathwater.

One thing I have to point out is this killer… I realize he’s from a dream, but this guy can materialize anywhere he wants, and yet the characters just keep running and running and running from him just to have him appear in front of them every time they turn a corner.  I know the running is used to build suspense, but when you see someone like Jason Vorhees or Michael Meyers plodding along while their victims are running like the wind they usually do a pretty good job of scaring you when they actually do show up.  In this movie, it’s so telegraphed you can almost predict the exact place and moment it’s going to happen – and that’s the issue about this movie.  Everything was too predictable, so there was no suspense, and there was no payoff for all that fake suspense they were trying to build.

The original Slumber Party Massacre was a fun ride, that made fun of itself and  paid homage to how silly teen slasher films could be.  Part II, on the other hand, takes itself too seriously and tries too hard to be actually frightening.  The jump scares it provides you can see coming from a mile away, and everything about it seems cliche.  One thing that I have to compliment this movie on is the gore.  It’s all handled really well, and the first time I saw the drill come through someone’s chest, I was impressed.  Unfortunately, the gore was too few and far between, and between the story and the stupidity of the driller killer character, I was happy to see the whole thing come to an end as soon as it did.  Slumber Party Massacre II is good for 2 phallic guitar/drills out of 5.


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