The Breed (2001)

There are hundreds, if not thousands of vampire movies made every day… no seriously, there are too many to count!  Some are good, some are bad.  Some the vampires are perfect beings who are beautiful and glitter in the sun.  Some stay more true to the myth that sunlight burns/destroys them.  Basically what I’m trying to say is there is a vampire movie for everyone’s taste.  I’ve already found my favorite of all time, From Dusk Til Dawn.  Plus I recently purchased my second favorite, Let Me In.  So why I decided to check out a friend’s NOT recommendation about a vampire movie she recently saw is well beyond my comprehension.  Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, maybe Adrian Paul as a British vampire peaked my interest.  Either way, I spent 90 minutes of my life watching The Breed, from 2001.

In the near future, things are not what we would expect.  The Nazis still lost the war, but it looks like Russia won it.  Take Nazi imagery, throw in some propaganda from V for Vendetta, make the world look cold and post-apocalyptic, and picture future technology taking a huge step backwards… like 50 years.  Now you have a proper background for a world where vampires (or just genetic mutations) hide from true humans because they fear persecution.  The masses no longer crave human blood thanks to a synthetic blood formulated by Dr. Cross.  Cross is also trying to lead his vampire brethren into the future by announcing themselves to humans.  He hopes by working with top leaders that there can be peace between both kinds, and not the genocide he has seen happen throughout history.

Unfortunately some-vampire is not too excited about Cross’s plan, and is killing humans, and leaving a trail for people to find.  Detective Steve Grant (Bokeem Woodbine), who just lost his partner to said vampire, has been teamed with Aaron Gray (Adrian Paul) to find the one who is set to wage a war between humans and vampires.  The path Grant and Gray go down leads them to show shady characters, including a vampire named Lucy.  Grant knows she is hiding something when they question her about the whereabouts of the top suspect, Dr. Orlock.  She helps them track down Orlock, and a rebel to Cross’s cause named West who are hiding at a vampire strip/night club.  In a chase that rivals most made-for-TV SyFy movies, Orlock is killed and West escapes.  Obviously these two were working together, but just who else might be involved in the conspiracy.  No one can be trust; no one is innocent, not even Cross or Gray!

As I stated earlier, someone told me this was one of the worst vampire movies they had ever seen.  And I would tend to agree with them.  It’s too bad because the backdrop seemed cool.  It was like an alternate reality without changing everything completely.  Plus in this movie it was the vampires who were scared of humanity, not the other way around.  The biggest disappointment in this movie was the acting.  Woodbine should have never gotten into the business at all.  His facial expressions are like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  Adrian Paul, although a handsome man (I’m as hetero as they come BTW), couldn’t act his way thru a 5th grade play.  It was a horrible combination, plus they added Bai Ling to the mix.  If you’ve seen her in anything outside of The Crow, or one extremely bad episode of Lost, I also question YOUR choice in movies!  So I make the same NOT recommendation that was made to me, avoid this movie at all costs.  Go watch Twilight, or From Dusk Til Dawn 3.  I give The Breed, 1 douchie-mustached Adrian Paul out of 5.

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  1. I am confident that I’ve seen this movie but I literally remember ZILCH about it. What that means to me is that either I’ve seen way too many movies, or this one really sucked. Either way, me not remembering is a sign it was a waste of 2 or so hours of my life. Your review just confirmed it for me.

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