IBWC: Episode 002 – Undefeatable

The Weekly Crapup!


This week on the Weekly Crapup, we take a look at the Godfrey Ho masterpiece “Undefeatable”.  This was one of our favorite movies when we watched it originally, and it still stands up today. We have a discussion about Godfrey Ho’s history, his very unique spin on editing, and stunts. We also discuss some movies we’ve watched within the last week including The Battery  and Electric Dreams.

Godfrey Ho’s interview at Nanarland: http://www.nanarland.com/interview/interview-godfreyhovo-godfrey-ho-en.html
John Miller’s interview at Mikefury.net: https://web.archive.org/web/20130123191712/http://www.mikefury.net/files/path-of-a-warrior-john-miller-interview_final.pdf

Some other Godfrey Ho movies we refer to:
Zombie Vs. Ninja
US Catman – Lethal Track
Honor and Glory
Manhattan Chase


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