InternalBleeding Presets: The Weekly Crapup – Episode 001 – The Stabilizer


So it’s finally here, and just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Let me start out by saying that this podcast is the result of years of hemming and hawing over discussion between Dave and I about putting together a podcast.  We went back and forth over how we’d do it, logistically how we’d record it, and what we’d talk about.  Well, for some reason the bug finally bit us and we figured we’d start by talking about some of the reviews of movies that we both really loved.  Hence, “The Weekly Crapup” (which, just to save time, in the future will be known as “IBWC“) was born.

This inaugural episode is on one of our favorite films that we’ve seen – The Stabilizer, featuring New Zealand’s own Peter O’Brian.

We dive into the backstory of Peter, his history, and how he got discovered.  Then, we talk about The Stabilizer, and how it stands up after reviewing all those years back.

We hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more podcasts to come.

Show Notes:

The Stabilizer

IMDB:’s review of The Stabilizer:

Youtube Interviews with Peter O’Brian:
Toby2Dope’s interview:
Filmbar70’s phone interview:

Written interview and discovery that Peter O’Brian was still living in Indonesia:


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