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Am I, the infamous Monkeyface, the only one who feels bad for a lot of these “bad guys” in horror movies? I mean come on they are usually horribly disfigured, have been bullied by society and mistreated by their parents, sometimes even tortured…so of course they are going to be pissed and want to kill people.   They’ve usually had pretty terrible lives, and their homes are in some really rundown areas of the country.  I think in their shoes I’d probably be scary to the average college student just looking to have some fun for the weekend.  But why do we always have to judge a book by its cover. In the face of fear we should pick the weakest link, send him to chat up the evil creature, and if they get a hatchet to the face then we run. But maybe, just maybe, these guys ain’t so bad!

Tucker-and-Dale-vs-Evil-film-releaseLike most “cabin in the woods” slasher flicks, TDvE starts out with a group of rich, privileged college kids traveling to the country for a fun weekend of camping.  When the 9 of them stop at the general store to get some beer, they’re met by a couple of backwoods hillbillies who are quite taken by the stunning ladies they don’t usually get in their town.  But wait, these aren’t just your typical murdering hillbillies, they actually speak, somewhat normal actually.  So Dale decides that he wants to meet the girls, but not being all that slick with the ladies, he scares them all away.  I think the scythe he was carrying might have contributed to their fear.

It turns out Tucker and Dale are just on their way to their new vacation home in the sticks.  They are about to do some remodeling, and some fishin’, and like all good citizens they even come to the rescue of college girl Ally when she falls into the lake and hits her head on some rocks.  Unfortunately yelling “we got ur friend” to the other college kids doesn’t go over so well.  Being a little naive, Tucker and Dale are quite confused that the kids would leave their friend, so they take Ally back to their place, get her some clothes and cook her some breakfast the next morning.  Meanwhile the de facto leader of the richie riches, Chad, rallies the group and convinces them they need to take matters into their own hands.  Armed with only their prejudice and some shitty weapons, the kids head off to get their friend back.

rsz_tucker-and-dale-vs-evil-film-reviewThe confrontation between Tucker, Dale, and the college kids can only be described by our hillbilly buddies as a “ritual suicide”, as these college idiots find more and more gruesome ways to off themselves while attempting to kill the now obvious protagonists, and save their poor friend.  There are a few self-spikings, and a really spectacular wood chipper incident which leave Tucker and Dale quite confused, yet more concerned about what the local authorities might think when they… oh wait, here come the cops!  And along with the cops, the true face of evil is finally revealed! Will Tucker and Dale thwart the devious frat boys?!?  Can Ally convince her friends this was all a huge misunderstanding?!?  Will Dale realize his dream of dating a beautiful college girl?!? I guess you’ll have to watch and find out…

“Tucker & Dale vs Evil” is best summed up as a slasher flick turned on its head.  The bad guys are the good guys, the good guys are the bad guys, even the good guys are good guys, or wait maybe they are really the evil guys?!?  Either way, the story in this movie is quite ingenious and LOL funny.  The title kind of gives away a lot, but the comedic performances of of Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Tyler Labine really have you rooting for these guys who are quite stupid, but definitely kindhearted.  Unlike most films from this genre, their is very little sex/nudity, but the fanboy will be pleased by the violence and blood splattering throughout the film.  And I can’t say enough about Katrina Bowden… YUMMY!  If you are a fan of slasher flicks, but want to add some humor and strange twists, check this movie out on Netflix or Amazon Video.  I give Tucker and Dale vs Evil 4 lovable rednecks out of 5!

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