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LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing, is a term that not many normal people are familiar with.  It has been referred to as Dungeons and Dragons on steroids.  But it is basically adult men and women fighting each other and fake creatures with large foam weapons.  It may sound dorky… and it is…but to each his own!  From what I hear it is a very fun time filled with friendship, storytelling and stress removal.  Until now the only mainstream movie I’m familiar with that contained a level of LARPing was “Role Models” with Paul Rudd and Sean Michael Scott.  But recently a newcomer has entered the battlefield, the Knights of Basassdom!

KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOMJoe is your typical 30-something, works at a garage, loves metal music, is confused about where his life is headed, and gave up D&D to pursue a life filled with girls instead of dragons.  The only problem is his girlfriend Beth has decided that being with someone who still works as a grease monkey isn’t the life she always dreamed of.  So she bids Joe a fond farewell, and crushes his heart in the process.  Lucky for Joe he has two of the best friends a geek could ask for.  Eric and Hung know exactly what Joe needs to help him forget about his lost love; some sweet stinky weed, and the battle to end all battles!

Kidnapped by his best friends, Joe finds himself on the Fields of Evermore, which is nothing more than a public park/forest, surrounded by LARPers are far as the eye can see.  They have one day to prepare their camp, complete their group quest, and rest up for the epic battle.  After some coaxing, and reminder that he was once a great warrior with a pair of dice, Joe decides to be sworn in by Eric, a level 26 wizard who has himself a new Enochian spell book he got off of Ebay.  During the spell casting Joe experiences some things that seem all too real.  The combination of the spell and Joe’s pining over Beth summons a horrible Succubus demon from the netherworld who looks a lot like Joe’s ex, all the way down to her prom dress from many moons ago.  What happens next can only be explained as a blood bath that the Fields of Evermore have never seen, nor will be seen again by most of its competitors!

knights of badassdomSince this movie is so new I didn’t want to give away a ton of the story.  It is basically a LARPing movie gone wrong, and a lot of this movie went wrong.  I hadn’t heard a ton about the Knights of Badassdom prior to running into the trailer online.  After doing a little research it seems like the movie has gone through some rewrites, and a few production companies trying to sell it.  Much like the movie Fanboys, it was a much anticipated movie that took a long time to develop.  But this movie needed to be kept in the over for a few more years.  It missed the mark on quite a few levels.  One would think with actors like Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), and Summer Glau (Firefly), the film should have some great moments and decent humor, but it was really flat.  Even the underrated and lesser-known Jimmi Simpson couldn’t carry this film to where it could have gone.  I guess that’s why it took so long to release, and why it pretty much went straight to DVD.  I found it on Xbox Video, and it is also available on other OnDemand platforms.  The anticipated DVD release is April 1st, 2014.  I can’t recommend buying it, but if you are intrigued by the trailer or have been awaiting the release, maybe you’ll like it better than I did.  I give Knights of Badassdom 2.5 syphilitic paladins out of 5.

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