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Founded in 2008, Internal Bleeding wants to bring movies that most people have either never heard of, or haven’t seen, to the forefront.  We think that these are movies that deserve to be seen by the masses.  While most of the films we review aren’t worthy of critical adoration, they do provide excellent entertainment value.

Below are each of our author’s bios, which will give you a little more insight into what genres they like, and maybe will help you better understand what they look for.


enemy/Sean: Creator and founder of Internalbleeding.net.  Influenced as a young boy by trips the video store with his sister, and the stories and late night movie watching sessions with his friend Chris, it was destined that he’d be telling people about those movies some day.  He was always intrigued by the box art of all those movies on the shelves and now that he’s old enough, it’s become his mission to seek out those old films so he can share them with you.

Some of his favorite genres include horror films, weird documentaries and absurd action flicks.  He considers films from the late 70’s – mid 90’s to be his cinematic wheelhouse, but does enjoy some of the more recent releases in those genres.

“I love the special effects that were in film before CGI became so commonplace.  Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the stuff that’s done in CGI today is absolutely amazing, but it’s no match for the rawness of a fake limb with a balloon filling full of blood underneath to look like a that fake limb is swelling up and bursting or an exploding head that someone actually had to sculpt and stick a squib or explosive inside to make it appear like it’s blowing up.  The hands-on nature of it makes it feel so much more real, even though it usually looks fake as shit.  It’s going to take CGI a long time to get blood splatter to look as good as old school low tech can.”

Favorite all time B-movie:  Shogun Assassin comes to mind.  Six great movies in their own right that was boiled down to basically just the action sequences from the first two in the series, and still made a little bit of sense amongst all the killing.  Let’s see CGI do THAT blood spray!


Monkeyface: Grew up on 80’s action films.  To say Jean Claude VanDamme and Steven Seagal were 2 of his favorite actors would be an understatement.  Of course he doesn’t like them for their acting skills, it’s because they just know how to kick ass and make you glad you’re not the guy who just got his arm broken!

After seeing movies like Bloodsport and Above the Law he found out there were a ton of great action movies that never made the theater.  Lucky for him, his dad owned a dozen video stores around the Mid-Michigan area.  So he had access to everything, and we mean everything!

After having the bejesus scared out of him watching A Nightmare on Elm Street with his cousins, he really got into horror movies.  He’ll be the first to admit though, nothing made past 1992 has really done anything for me, maybe it’s because now he realizes that it’s only a movie… which is what got him through the 80’s not pissing himself watching stuff a 10 year old shouldn’t see!

Favorite all-time B-movie: Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters!  Saw it on Cinemax in the late 80’s and fell in love with it.  It is the funniest, most ridiculous movie he’s ever seen; so of course it was produced by Troma!  Outside of that he looks for anything with some cheesy action or some bad one liners.



BerserkerXL/Raz: One half of the original dueling review duo – Raz is a complete mystery.  Some say that he lives in the wilderness and survives on only fresh dumps he finds in local pit toilets.  Others say he preys upon runaway shopping carts, pulling them apart and constructing makeshift katana blades and shuriken.  What we do know is that he’s our resident Asian film fan, and especially enjoys 80’s ninja movies.  Some even say he’s half ninja.  It’s been about 12 months since we’ve last seen him, but we have a feeling we’ll be hearing from him again soon.

Favorite all-time B-movie:  We’ve heard it’s Hero with Jet Li (which isn’t b-movie – but we’ll take what we can get).  We’ll ask him when we see him next.  If we can interpret anything through the gutteral grunts and groans, we’ll update you as soon as possible.

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