Wolf Creek

According to the missing persons website for Australia, “35,000 people are reported missing each year”  With that said I would find it hard to trust anyone if I were to ever travel to Australia- good advice to live by, or maybe stay alive by.  We start our adventure with a young man and a car purchased for $1500.  After trying a few times he gets the pile started and goes off to pick up his companions, and together they head off to the crater at Wolf Creek.

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Jack, a paramedic working the graveyard shift, has hit rock bottom when his girlfriend dumps him for her yoga instructor.  Unfortunately, his life gets worse when he takes in a  injured junkie left  to die in a pile of trash by his apartment.  Taken by her beauty, Jack quickly falls in love with Danika as he cares for her injuries and sickness.  Soon, Jack realizes the fatal mistake he made when he suspects that his guest might be a vampire.  Blinded by his love Jack does what ever it takes to fulfill Danika’s needs.

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The Mad Detective aka Sun Taam

Inspector Chan Bun (Ching Wan Lau) was a great detective.  Unfortunately, he loses his job when he cuts off his ear and gives it to his boss as a retirement present.  Inspector Ho (Andy On) is investigating a case on Inspector Wong (Kwok-Lun Lee) who disappeared while chasing a thief into the woods.  Several weeks after his disappearance an outbreak of armed robberies and murders are committed with Inspector Wong’s gun.  When inspector Ho can not come up with any leads he asks Bun to help him solve this case.  After witnessing Bun’s unique style of investigating, inspector Ho realizes that his mentor is truly mad.

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Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

Directed by: Brett Sullivan Written by: Karen Walton & Megan Martin

After mixing blood with her late sister, Brigitte (Emily Perkins) finds herself changing into the beast she failed to prevent her sister from becoming.  Every day she shoots up with monkshood in hopes to slow or even cure her disease.  Moving from place to place she looks for a cure, and runs from the other beast looking to mate with her.  While running from her primal lover she passes out from an overdoes of monkshood.  The authorities find her and they assume she is a junkie, so they take her to the local rehab center.  Brigitte is denied her daily dose of monkshood and begins to change faster.  Will her counselors help her kick her addiction, or will they become dinner for the beast after it gets unleashed?

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