Every now and then, especially during election years, certain topics come to light, such as, separation of church and state, immigration, racism and abortion.  While the endless blah blah blahing from either side is enough to make my ears bleed, I thought it was time to get a different perspective..  So that got me thinking, hmm, how would forces of evil deal with these social issues?  They already have a lot of issues with separation of church and state because they’re always getting exorcised or banished, immigration and racism are not new to them either, with civilians always scolding them, “not in my neighborhood”.  That leaves abortion.  So imagine my delight when I saw this movie sitting on the video rental shelf!

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Ninjas VS Zombies

Did you ever notice how zombies are like the bullies in the undead family?  They are always terrorizing unarmed civilians or outnumber their foes 100 or even 1000 to 1.  Unlike vampires, who battle it out with werewolves or take on hordes of people at a time, or demons and ghosts who haunt entire cities, the zombie picks on the frail, weak, and lame.  So when I saw a movie called, Ninjas vs Zombies, I thought, damn finally they are picking on someone who can fight back, for me it was a must see to see how these bullies handle real resistance.

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