Phenomena aka Creepers

I’m always interested to see where people got there start in movies. Take Billy Bob Thorton for instance.  One of his first was a terrible flick called Chopper Chicks in Zombietown.  Most people in fact start with something bad, or just small, like Robert Patrick in Equalizer 2000.  They work with other little known people.  But Jennifer Connelly had a much different beginning.  Her first big break was working with two horror legends, Donald Pleasence and Dario Argento.  We all know Pleasence from the Halloween series and other John Carpenter movies.  Argento isn’t well known in the US, but in Europe he’s a household name in terror.  He took a big chance with a young Connelly in the fright fest Phenomena, which was later released in the States as Creepers.

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Spring Break!  Wooooo!  A great time to hang out with your buds and catch some rays, man!  Meet some babes, and maybe even get on a rich dude’s yacht to bust a hang and live the good life!  Just make sure that nobody carries on an escaped cat from a nearby high security military lab, because that would probably turn out being very, very bad news.  Wait a minute here… if this happened on your spring break, you may just be having a flashback to the 1988 film Uninvited. Continue reading “Uninvited”

My Name is Bruce

I’ve been seeing a lot of these commercials telling me to put “ICE” in front of my emergency contact on my cell phone.  That way In Case of Emergency, like if I am in an accident, or have a heart attack the paramedics will know who to call.  It gets you thinking about things like that; If I needed help who would I call.  If I had car troubles I would certainly call my step-dad the master mechanic.  If there was a zombie apocalypse I would most definitely call Sean because he’s the only one who has seen more zombie movies than me.  But what if I was trapped by evil spirits in a cabin in the woods, or if I opened the crypt to an ancient Chinese demon?  Well in that case I would have to call Bruce Campbell!  But is Bruce just as heroic and cunning as the characters he plays in movies and on TV… I guess we’re about to find out because the town of Goldlick needs some help and there is no one else to call!

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Ahh, video games.  A world I would often escape to as a child, and still do to this day.  Where else can you be a commando, a plumber, a young boy on a quest to save the world or genetically modified person who listens to anyone who asks “would you kindly?”  Michael Brower is just like any one of us; A young man who wants to escape his boring life and become something he’s not.  He runs a horror club at school which has just gotten shut down, and he doesn’t really have much to live for since he mom was killed in a horrible car accident.  Luckily his best friend Kyle has found just the right thing.  He shows Michael a magazine advertisement for the latest and greatest in interactive video games: Brainscan!

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