Nightmare City (aka City of the Walking Dead)

Nightmare City

For this week’s movie of the week review, we watched Italian Director Umberto Lenzi‘s “Incubo sulla citta contaminata“, otherwise known as Nightmare City (or City of the Walking Dead, whichever you decide). The movie stars Hugo Stiglitz as reporter/fighting improvisational master/one handed gunman Dean Miller. Dean has an assignment to meet a famous scientist who’s plane is arriving at the city airport. When the plane lands, the scientist and a band of radioactive zombies emerge and take the city by storm. Dean rushes off to find his wife and rescue her to safety, while other military leaders try to find their own families and quarantine them into private bunkers without alerting the public. Dean tries to report on his findings, but the government shuts him down as not to cause mass hysteria. Continue reading “Nightmare City (aka City of the Walking Dead)”

The Stuff


For This week’s “Movie of the Week” pick, we watched the 1985 movie written and directed by Larry Cohen, “The Stuff“, with the bigger named actors being Paul Sorvino, Garrett Morris, and Danny Aiello. It also starred some kid that ended up being in a couple episodes of “Who’s the Boss” and little else. Continue reading “The Stuff”