Clash of the Titans (1981)

There aren’t too many people I talked to that didn’t remember watching the original Clash of the Titans from 1981.  Most didn’t remember a whole lot about it, but they at least remembered seeing it.  It’s a fantastical story about mortals and Gods, but it was shot at the end of an era.  It was one of the last big budget Hollywood movies which used all stop-motion photography.  Most movies after that moved on to the high-tech area of CGI.  With the release of the new Clash of the Titans, which I reviewed a few weeks ago at We’re Running Out Of Time, I decided to take a look back to the movie which spawned more than a few video games we know and love!

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Prom Night (Old VS New)

For today’s installment of remake cinema I’ve decided to do a side-by-side of Prom Night. We’ll feature the original starring the queen of scream Jamie Lee Curtis and the new one starring the lovely Brittany Snow. I decided to take a look at the new one first this time, just to make sure that I haven’t disliked the newer movies because I saw them after. I will start out by saying right off the bat you can tell that these movies follow a completely different story line. The only similarity is that they both focus on prom night, as if the title didn’t already give that away!

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