willymilly-2What teenager doesn’t with that they could be something they aren’t?  Maybe you wanted to be more popular, or maybe you wish you could get with more babes in your class, or be a jock or something.  I don’t think it’s quite as common for teenage chicks to wish they were dudes though.  The mid 80’s seemed like they had their fill of these types of movies, from 1985’s Just One of the Guys to the film I’m reviewing today, Paul Schneider‘s 1986 film, Willy/Milly.

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Drive In Massacre

Back in the day, drive in theaters were a big deal.  Hell, most of the movies we review here could and probably did play at drive ins around the country.  I’m sure a lot of tomfoolery happened in those days at the drive in, but I don’t know about how many murders happened.  I could see someone committing suicide perhaps, especially if they showed any Godfrey Ho movies, but murders?  Let alone, a Drive in Massacre!?

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Trancers III

Without any new trancers for a while, Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is now working as a private eye in old Los Angeles and Leena (Helen Hunt) is looking to divorce him.  He’s in a low place, working an adultery case when something strange happens – a lizard looking fella from the future knocks him out and takes him back to his time, a time where another trancer war is in full effect, and a lot of old members of the council have been killed while trying to fend of the new forces.  If the fighting continues, the future may not be around for much longer, so they send Deth back to 2005 so he can find and destroy the creators of the trancers and Leena might know who he is.

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Brain Damage

Every so often, a movie comes along that makes you utter three letters… Maybe it’s the movie that makes you say that is one that features an Indonesian Mr. T.  Perhaps it’s a movie where white stuff comes out of the ground and the people who discover it decide to package and sell it so it can take over the planet.  Heck, maybe it’s about a cyborg who has to do something that isn’t really clear throughout the entire movie, arm wrestles truckers from the future, and just figures out that he’s probably just a dumb cyborg after all.  Those three letters?  W – T – F.  The movie this time?  Brain Damage – what the fu…

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