Slaughterhouse - Title

Slaughterhouse… The mere mention of that word can strike up a lot of negative and ghastly connotations.  It’s literally a housing for lives to be slaughtered (and it took quite a stretch for me to come up with that!), so a horror flick with that word as the title would indicate that it’s gory, bloody and disgusting.  At least that was my first impression when I decided to watch and review the 1987 comedy/horror film “Slaughterhouse“.  Does it live up to expectations?  Read on to find out.

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Puppet Master 5

Puppet Master 5 – the Final Chapter, isn’t the last movie in the series, but it does essentially end the initial Andre Toulon storyline.  In fact there are now 5 more movies which use the Puppet Master name, the most recent being released in July, 2010.  I’ve had a great time with the first four, each one adds it’s own mark to the series, but PM5 is the first actual continuation in the series from the previous movie.  It takes place just a few days after the events of PM4, so you definitely need to see that one first or at least read my review.

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