Tough Guys (1974)

A Priest and an Ex-Cop walk into a bar… Heard that one before?  You may have heard that one before, but you probably haven’t seen it before.  Tough Guys is exactly that joke, and you’d be surprised how good they work together – and that priest can throw one hell of a slap.

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Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite Title

I’ve been seeing the trailer for Black Dynamite for what seems like decades.  But maybe it’s just that it’s based in the 70’s and the trailer has actually been showing on the Internet for almost 2 years. Ever since we saw it me and my buddies were hooked! I was a huge fan of Grindhouse and this was another one of those type movies, a period piece so to speak that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Michael Jai White plays the title character and reminds me of Jim Kelly in Black Belt Jones.  In fact if you are a fan of that movie or other Blaxploitation movies like it you don’t even need to read this review, just go see this flick, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Death Moon

Death Moon (1)

Jason Palmer is having nightmares.  Nightmares where he has visions of a mysterious woman in a tribal ceremony, and the priest who tries to break it up.  When he wakes up in a cold sweat, he decides it’s time to go see his doctor.  While his doctor can’t explain why he’s having these nightmares, he suggests that maybe Jason is under too much stress from all of his real estate deals, and he prescribes a nice long vacation.  While Jason is deciding where to go, he sees a symbol in a travel poster for Hawaii that he saw during his nightmares, so like any logical person he sets off for Hawaii.

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