“Tommy used to work on the docks”, beat-up his last boss, “he’s down on his luck its tough… so tough!” “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi popped into my head a few times while watching Defiance. Tom Gamble, played by Jan-Michael Vincent (Airwolf) is a cargo ship worker who is suspended for 6 months and forced to find residence in New York City. He is just like the rest of us though, he’s a great painter and he wants to learn Spanish. Well ok, maybe not like all of us, but I finger paint and I speak Spanish in my dreams. In his new slummy apartment he quickly realizes that like sucks… no one likes him, his neighbors are rowdy, and gangs run the show! The one good thing is his upstairs neighbor Marsha. She quickly befriends and they hit it off. They even go bowling… things are looking up!

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Rambu (aka The Intruder)

The Intruder (aka Rambu)

Hmmm… Rambu…  Why does that name sound so familiar?  Could it be because it sounds eerily similar to that Sylvester Stallone character?  What’s his name?  Rambo you say?  Yeah, if you saw the box for this movie sitting in your video store, you’d think it probably had something to do with Rambo, right?  I’m pretty sure the makers of this movie were banking on that.  They even tried to make the characters somewhat similar.  This guy Rambu (played by New Zealander Peter O’Brian) holds an eery resemblance to Sylvester Stallone, except he’s lanky, and a little less muscular.  One of the characters actually calls him Rambo, and he dons a red headband to try to capture the look.  Unfortunately, all the toughness that headband provides is offset by the wet, saggy speedo he’s sporting in the same shot.

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Code of Silence

Code of Silence

How about a little “Chuck Norris: did you know” to start off this review… Did you know that Geico saved 15% by switching to Chuck Norris?  Did you know that Chuck Norris goes to bed with morning wood?  Did you know that Chuck Norris rips his USB drive out of the port without clicking “safely remove hardware” because he feels such precautions are unmanly?  Well if you knew all of those things then you probably knew that Chuck Norris made a film in 1985 called Code of Silence.  Aren’t you just so SMRT!

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Godfrey Hall is an interesting character.   He’s been known to shoot footage for one film and then end up cutting and pasting footage from other films in varying order to eventually make up 4 or 5 films.  Now that’s a cost effective way to make a film if you ask me.  Unfortunately, most of those movies made little to no sense at all.  Oh, and Godfrey Hall is also just one of the many pseudonyms for Godfrey Ho.  Luckily for us, one of his most recent films is also one of his best…  That film is 1994’s Undefeatable.

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