Ninjas VS Zombies

Did you ever notice how zombies are like the bullies in the undead family?  They are always terrorizing unarmed civilians or outnumber their foes 100 or even 1000 to 1.  Unlike vampires, who battle it out with werewolves or take on hordes of people at a time, or demons and ghosts who haunt entire cities, the zombie picks on the frail, weak, and lame.  So when I saw a movie called, Ninjas vs Zombies, I thought, damn finally they are picking on someone who can fight back, for me it was a must see to see how these bullies handle real resistance.

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Devil’s Den

Stop me if you’ve heard this, a few unsuspecting travelers come across a strip club in the middle of nowhere.  The beer is flowin’ and the strippers are smokin’… but this ain’t no ordinary club; and by that I don’t mean all the girls are psychos!  Ok, ok, it would be easy to sit back and compare this movie to probably my all-time favorite action/horror flick, From Dusk Til Dawn.  But outside of what I mentioned a few other small things it’s quite different.  I won’t say ‘better’ different, it’s just different.

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Night of the Comet

In 1986, Halley’s Comet fever was erupting all across America.  People set up viewing parties to watch the comet come by for the first time in 75 years. In 1984, however, Night of the Comet was released into theaters, and maybe it was foreshadowing events that might happen when Halley’s version passed us by.

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The Expendables

I finally got a chance to see Expendables today.  It’s a movie I’ve been excited about for a long time, but scheduling conflicts and the fact that most of my friends didn’t believe it would be any good meant I waited about a month after opening to see it on my day off.  Well let me just say my friends were completely wrong!  If you’ve read any of the reviews for it most people point to a weak plot, old actors, and something that has been done over and over again…. So what’s wrong with that?!?  This movie is a throwback to the 80s action flick where everything explodes, dialogue is cheesy, and arms are broken like beer bottles at a frat party!  I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout even if the aging actors made me briefly think about my own age.  But that thought quickly faded as I watched a pirate’s body getting ripped in half by Dolph Lundgren’s shotgun!  On with the show…

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