DeathStalker II

Deathstalker II title

DeathStalker II (1987) is an action/adventure comedy from the mind of Jim Wynorski, who was also the helm of the previously reviewed Chopping Mall. Deathstalker II is set in a fantasy world and it has a similar feeling to movies like Conan or The Beastmaster, but in the cheesy dimension instead of the serious. John Terlesky (Chopping Mall) stars as the title character, “Deathstalker” who is a thief that specializes in the wealth distribution witness – which is he takes from the rich and keeps it. While Deathstalker is engaged in exploits of his own, runs across Reena the Seer – played by Monique Gabrielle (Bachelor Party). Reena tells Deathstalker that his destiny is to save a princess in a faraway land from an evil sorcerer and master swordsman. Deathstalker takes the mission, looking forward to the huge reward waiting for him at the end. Continue reading “DeathStalker II”


Endgame Title

This week for our dueling review and movie of the week, we picked “Endgame” or as it’s also known “Endgame – Bronx lotta finale“. Endgame is directed by the famed Joe D’Amato and stars Al Cliver as badass Ron Shannon, and George Eastman as the hunter Kurt Karnak. Continue reading “Endgame”