Trailer Tuesday: Hatchet 2

Can you believe it’s been 4 months since our last post?  We couldn’t believe it either, but real life happens.  Plus let’s be honest, after churning out 31 reviews in 31 days we felt a little burned out!  But we’re back with some renewed vigor.  Not the vigor that will bring you 30 reviews for March, let’s just start small.  To kick off March we bring you a sequel trailer to a movie we reviewed back in October, Adam Green’s Hatchet.  If you’ve seen that one, and you should, then this clip needs no introduction.  Victor Crowley is back, and bloodier than ever!  So check this out and look for the review shortly.  Plus check back for a review from our friend Scott Feinblatt’s Outtake Reel, coming this week!



When I saw Machete in the theater back in August they played a metric ass ton of trailers, they always do!  After the trailers they played their little theater introduction and then low and behold, another trailer.  This one was a little different though, it had that Grindhouse feel to it just like Machete a few years back.  It showed a monster of a man, the so-called new icon in horror Victor Crowley, absolutely destroying a bunch of people who had no idea that death stood right around the corner.  I looked at my friend and said “it’s a shame that’s just a fake trailer, Hatchet 2 looks like it would be great!”  But why did they skip right to number 2, where was the original.  A few weeks later I saw a listing for Hatchet 2 at that same theater, it was real… even though it only lasted a week on the big screen!  So I had to seek out Hatchet and find out what all the hype was about.

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