Nightbeast (1)During a night as ordinary as any other, a spaceship from another world (are there any other kind?) crashes to earth, and a hostile alien life form that resembles a reptillian gorilla of some kind escapes shortly before his craft explodes.  A few hunters are eye witnesses to the crash and they go looking for the strange craft but are reduced to ash, thanks to the business end of the alien’s gun.  What follows is a story of terror as the alien runs amok through a small rural town.

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I Come in Peace (aka Dark Angel)

i-come-in-peace-titleJack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) loses his partner when their undercover sting  gets interrupted by an wanderer not from this Earth.  Shortly after people start dropping dead from overdosing on heroin.  One main factor linking these deaths together is a hole punched into each of the victims’ head.  Jack goes after Victor Manning  (Sherman Howard) to avenge his partner and to stop the circulation of heroin.  Although it is Victor’s heroin causing the recent outbreak of deaths,  Jack soon finds that it is a drug dealer from another world that is shooting these people so that he can harvest a valuable drug from their head.  With Victor’s Hench men on one side and a invincible alien on the other will Jack come out on top, or will he end up in pieces?

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