Demolition High

With the passing of Corey Haim on March 10th, we have decided that we’d like to pay a little tribute in our own way to Mr. Haim’s stellar career. First up on our agenda is 1996 film Demolition High, directed by none other than b-movie god, Jim Wynorski.  In Demolition High, Haim plays Lenny Slater, a new student at Mayfield High school who hasn’t been able to fit in.  He’s from the mean streets of Brooklyn, but he didn’t bargain for his school getting overrun by terrorists on his first day.

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Galaxy of Terror

A lot of bad Sci-Fi movies came out in the 80’s. After studios saw that movies like Star Wars and Alien could make a lot of money, they thought that it would be easy enough to make mediocre films that could cash in on the masses’ newfound interest in movies about galaxies far, far away. Galaxy Of Terror (1981) has to be one of those movies, except in this case, it isn’t really mediocre… No, no… It aspires to be mediocre, that’s how bad it really is.

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