The Machine Girl

The title screen

The Machine Girl (aka Katuaude mashin gâru) is written and directed by Japanese director Noboru Iguchi, and stars Minase Yashiro as Ami Hyuga – the main and titular character. Ami Hyuga is like any other young college girl. She loves her younger brother and she can shoot some mean hoops. After her parents commit suicide due to her father being set up on murder charges, she’s left in charge to take care of her younger brother Yu. Yu is generally a good kid, he doesn’t usually get into too much trouble, but lately that’s changed. Yu and his friend Takashi have recently gotten involved with the son of a yakuza, Sho. They’ve gotten into a situation where they owe money to Sho, who would rather punish them then take the 20,000 yen they were able to raise. Sho gives them a day extension to raise 200,000 yen – an impossible task for a couple of high school students. When Yu and Takashi can’t come up with the money, Sho and his gang of bullies drop them off a parking structure onto their heads.

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