The Devil’s Sword

Take one part Excalibur, throw in some Krull, a few scenes of Caligola, a touch of Dawn of the Dead, the choreography of Kung Fu Hustle, about 30 seconds of The Blue Lagoon, and you have our movie of the week… Golok setan, aka The Devil’s Sword! Director Ratno Timoer takes us for a wild ride in this sci-fi chopsocky fantasy from 1984, filled with swords, kung-fu masters, blood, sex, violence and men dressed like alligators.  The best part is our old friend Barry Prima from Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters is back to kick some more ass!

The Devil’s Sword follows a quest to find an ancient sword that was forged from a mysterious metallic substance that fell to earth in the form of a meteorite.  An old man who finds the meteorite creates the Devil’s Sword, and he hides it after it burns down his hut.  Whoever wields the sword holds the greatest power imaginable in his hands.  Banujaga is sent by the Alligator Queen to steal the fiance of a local village’s princess to keep as her own subject.  During the raid on the village Mandala – a one time colleague of Banujaga – sees the scuffle and helps defend the village, and ends up helping the princess recover her husband to be.  Mandala recovers the Devil’s Sword, but will it ultimately be enough to defeat the Alligator Queen and Banujaga?

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