My Name is Bruce

I’ve been seeing a lot of these commercials telling me to put “ICE” in front of my emergency contact on my cell phone.  That way In Case of Emergency, like if I am in an accident, or have a heart attack the paramedics will know who to call.  It gets you thinking about things like that; If I needed help who would I call.  If I had car troubles I would certainly call my step-dad the master mechanic.  If there was a zombie apocalypse I would most definitely call Sean because he’s the only one who has seen more zombie movies than me.  But what if I was trapped by evil spirits in a cabin in the woods, or if I opened the crypt to an ancient Chinese demon?  Well in that case I would have to call Bruce Campbell!  But is Bruce just as heroic and cunning as the characters he plays in movies and on TV… I guess we’re about to find out because the town of Goldlick needs some help and there is no one else to call!

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