The Room

The Room

Everyone has heard the saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”  Well sometimes you can say “you don’t know what you’ve got until you see an article about it on ABC News!”  Such was the case a few months ago when the guys here at IB came across The Room.  We watched, knowing it was a BAD movie.  But I don’t think we were quite prepared at the time to appreciate just how bad it is.  So after seeing that in a few short months this movie (which is 6 years old) has developed a cult following and is now being called “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”, we just had to sit down and watch it again.  We now bring to you the brilliant misery that is Tommy Wiseau‘s lifelong dream, his baby, his masterpiece… we bring you The Room!

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Brain Damage

Every so often, a movie comes along that makes you utter three letters… Maybe it’s the movie that makes you say that is one that features an Indonesian Mr. T.  Perhaps it’s a movie where white stuff comes out of the ground and the people who discover it decide to package and sell it so it can take over the planet.  Heck, maybe it’s about a cyborg who has to do something that isn’t really clear throughout the entire movie, arm wrestles truckers from the future, and just figures out that he’s probably just a dumb cyborg after all.  Those three letters?  W – T – F.  The movie this time?  Brain Damage – what the fu…

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Where we work everyday is an adventure, and you never know if this day will be your last.  Words like layoff, termination and reorganization get thrown around a lot.  Another popular word which can make losing your job seem quite exciting is Severance.  But if the makers of this movie were real bosses I think I would just bypass the severance and just become a beach bum!  Christopher Smith directed this 2006 horror flick and included some actors you’ve seen but probably don’t know their names.  Laura Harris (24, Dead Like Me) who plays Maggie is the most well known, but the entire cast does an above par job.

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