Disco Godfather

Rudy Ray Moore is the Tucker Williams, the Disco Godfather – the owner of the very popular Blueberry Hill disco.  He dances a mean game, and spins an even meaner game from the DJ booth.  When his nephew Bucky gets mixed up in some bad business, Tucker takes it upon himself to rid the streets of that bad stuff!

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Tough Guys (1974)

A Priest and an Ex-Cop walk into a bar… Heard that one before?  You may have heard that one before, but you probably haven’t seen it before.  Tough Guys is exactly that joke, and you’d be surprised how good they work together – and that priest can throw one hell of a slap.

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Black Devil Doll from Hell

God is a powerful force.  He can lead people into battle, heal the sick and save the dying.  He can be your salvation, your witness, and your co-pilot.  For Helen Black, God is the force that keeps her strong, and makes sure that she keeps her legs closed.  Little did she know that one fateful day, a trip to a local gift and trinket shop would change her life and entire philosophy on keeping those legs closed.  Please read on to experience the pleasure of Black Devil Doll from Hell, and the genius that is Chester Novell Turner.

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