The Evil Dead

Fall is fast approaching.  The weather is getting cooler and it’s getting the perfect time to go out to the woods and snuggle up next to your honey near a fire.  When your friends invite you and your lady friend out to an isolated cabin in the wilderness for some good times and libations, it sounds like a good idea.  When they tell you they got it for cheap you assume that it has to be a pit, and when you get there it is.  Everything seems to be in order, but when the cellar door starts flapping in the house like there’s someone down there, you should just leave it alone.  If you do happen to go down there and find a book that looks like it’s got a cover made of skin, a tape recorder and some kind of ceremonial dagger – for the love of all that is holy, don’t bring them upstairs and play the recording.  You might just unleash The Evil Dead

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Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Most people know my taste in movies can be pretty weird and obscure.  So it’s very rare that someone will recommend a movie to me, especially around Halloween.  But a brave soul said I should watch something from her childhood that she still loves to this day, Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.  Being that it was a few years before my time I didn’t give it much hope; classics for me don’t begin much before 1978.  But it was directed by someone I am familiar with, Bob Clark, who went on to make Porky’s, Rhinestone, Loose Cannons, and Black Christmas which I reviewed a couple years ago.  So I decided to give it a shot because something 3 years my senior that I had never seen before should at least bring 90 minutes of enjoyment to my life right!

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Silent Scream aka The Retreat


Living in Michigan all my life I’m extremely familiar with cold winters, tons of snow, and forests that go for what seems like hundreds of miles.  It is just something you have to get used to while living here, and for the most part it can be very beautiful.  I’m also a big fan of camping whether it be in a tent, trailer, or a cabin in what Michiganders call “Up North”, which basically means anywhere further North than you live. (clever huh?!?)  The ironic part about “Up North” is you do it to get away, be by yourself, or hang with some close friends and drink.  The more secluded the better. Unfortunately seclusion can also be your worst enemy, especially when a killer finds your cabin and starts offing you and your friends!

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