Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Hawaii is like paradise on earth.  It’s got sun, sand, and beautiful people.  It’s the type of place where you could shed all of your cares and worries and get away for a few days, or at least that’s the way it seems on the surface.  Dig a little deeper and it can be a place of mystery, intrigue and dangerous wildlife.  Donna (Dona Speir) and Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton) learn this the hard way, when they’re flying a newlywed couple on an overnight camping trip in their small plane to one of the islands, and come across a R/C helicopter flying in from the ocean.  The helicopter lands, one of the cockpit doors open, and they find two packages inside.  The only problem is that the helicopter and the packages weren’t meant for them, they were meant for the armed thugs that show up shortly after the copter lands, and want their packages.

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Truth or Dare? – A Critical Madness

A big reason why I got into watching b-movies and awful horror movies was one of my old childhood friends, Chris.  He didn’t have cable and it always seemed like he and his older brothers would rent any movie they could get their hands on back in the mid 80’s when just about everywhere was renting out VHS.  There were a few of those movies that I never got to see, and I remember him talking about them a lot.  We’ve actually reviewed a few of those movies, and this one is another one that he used to talk about all the time.  In the case of “Truth or Dare? – A Critical Madness“, the things he used to say about it was a lot better than this movie actually was once I sat down and watched it for myself.

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American Ninja

A G.I. with a mysterious past rescues the Colonel’s daughter Patricia (Judie Aronson),  when his convoy comes under attack from ninjas.  While fighting the ninjas, the G.I. – Joe Armstrong (played by Michael Dudikoff) fends off the ninja force in impressive fashion, leading the head Ninja, Black Star Ninja (Tadashi Yamashita)  to believe that he has some extraordinary skill, and may be a ninja himself.

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Deadly Prey

Imagine John Matrix from Commando and Chance Boudreaux from Hard Target had a kid together… and then imagine that kid made a movie. You are probably thinking about a movie where this big huge muscle bound ex-military guy gets taken hostage and hunted by punk-asses in some backwoods setting right? Well you’re in luck because director David A. Prior has made your vision a reality with the 1988 film Deadly Prey (in all fairness Hard Target was made after this movie, but you get the idea). The film stars no one you’ve probably ever seen or heard of before, and just 10 minutes into this movie you find out why.

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