Fright Night

Charley Brewster is a normal red blooded American male with a healthy fascination with horror movies.  When he isn’t trying to get into his girlfriend’s pants, he’s watching the local late night horror show “Fright Night”, hosted by the famous vampire hunter Peter Vincent.  One of those late nights, he notices something weird happening next door.  His new neighbors are moving their stuff in… but this isn’t normal stuff.  Amongst the crates and boxes is a coffin, and it goes straight into the basement.  Suspecting something is up, he keeps a closer eye on the situation.  When a girl he sees going into the house and later through a window being seduced by the neighbor, Jerry (Chris Sarandon), ends up a victim of murder on the 11 o’clock news, he starts to realize that his new next door neighbor might be a vampire. Continue reading “Fright Night”