Future Hunters


From all the movies I’ve seen that take place at least 20 years in the future, things are going to be pretty bleak for us, with the post-apocalyptic world and all.  We visit another one of these era’s in Cirio H. Santiago‘s 1986 film Future Hunters, where everything is all Mad Max, and people chase each other around in cars looking to get a leg up on the competition.  In this case, Matthew (Richard Norton) is being chased and in order to save the world, he has to get his hands on the spear that pierced Jesus’ chest, the spear of destiny.  He manages to grab it seconds before he’s about to be blown up, and his contact with the spearhead transports him 39 years to the past – from 2025 all the way back to 1986, and in proximity to our main subjects, Michelle and Slade (Robert Patrick).  After Matthew is shot and on his way to death’s door, he fills in Michelle and Slade on what the spearhead is, and that they need to contact a “Hightower” in order to learn how to save the future… Wow… heavy, man.

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Equalizer 2000

So it seems like Al Gore’s predictions of the future are going to right on and Cirio H. Santiago has given us a glimpse of it.  Global warming and nuclear terrorism has turned the world in to barren wasteland.  Oil and water are scarce, and everyday brings new battle with your enemies.  But things aren’t all bad.  Practically everyone drives a convertible because the world is a desert.  And they are not those weenie convertibles like the Sunbird or Sebring, these are self-made out of huge Oldsmobile’s and Buick’s!  For everyone who just can’t decide what to wear in the morning, fashion has gotten way more simplified!  The most powerful faction, known as The Ownership, control the main supply of oil and are fond of wearing black leather, football pads and helmets. Their main resistance is The Rebels, who control the main supply of water. The Rebels are fans of camouflage and marijuana, as noted by the pot leafs on their berets. If neither of those  appeal to you, there is still the Mountain People, who are basically Indians/Mexicans who wear jeans or sweatpants and still fight with spears and bows.

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