Maniac Cop

The police are supposed to help people.  We’ve been taught this from a very young age, and whenever stories on the 11 o’clock news about a corrupt cop, or an officer that has been charged with a crime – that violates the trust between the police and the public.  When you have cops like this one the street, you figure it’s just a couple bad apples.  But, when you have one on the streets that is killing innocent people and other police officers, that’s when you have a MANIAC COP!

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The Dead Next Door

A zombie outbreak has ravaged the nation for roughly 3 years.  A serum created by Dr. Bow which was supposed to give limited life to dead cells instead entirely reanimated dead humans!  The Zombie Squad has been commissioned by the government to track down the original spread of the plague to see if they can produce a cure.  They must travel to Akron, Ohio where Bow’s research is, and where the spread of the virus began.  But when one of their own is infected, Raimi and the others need to put a rush on things to save their Zombie Squad buddy, Mercer!

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The Dead Pit

The Dead Pit

While I’m not afraid of hospitals or doctors, I can understand why some people are.  You always hear about people who go in for routine surgery and get things left in them, or they get the wrong leg removed or some other horrific thing happens to you in the doctor’s care.  Just think though, it could be worse.  You could be committed to a psychological hospital against your will, and have no idea when you’re getting out.  On top of that, you could then get operated on by a crazy psychology surgeon (I didn’t even know they had surgeons in psychiatric hospitals) who’s obsessed with digging people’s brains out to see what makes them crazy.  I would have thought that would be an indication that you were in fact crazy yourself, but I’m not a professional.

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