IBWC: Episode 002 – Undefeatable

The Weekly Crapup!


This week on the Weekly Crapup, we take a look at the Godfrey Ho masterpiece “Undefeatable”.  This was one of our favorite movies when we watched it originally, and it still stands up today. We have a discussion about Godfrey Ho’s history, his very unique spin on editing, and stunts. We also discuss some movies we’ve watched within the last week including The Battery  and Electric Dreams.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Undefeatable

For this week’s Trailer Tuesday, we bring you Godfrey Ho’s masterpiece Undefeatable!


If you’re on this site, you’ve probably seen what’s been called “The most ridiculous fight scene ever” (it’s on the linked review), and I can say with complete confidence that it is probably one of the most hilariously bad action movies of all time.  If you’re a fan of mullets, bad acting and pan fried steak, Undefeatable is film that you must see. On top of all that, you get Cynthia Rothrock to boot!

Also, if you plan on a Godfrey Ho marathon, make sure this is the grand finale.  Any of his other films that you watch after this will pale in comparison.

Angel of Fury (aka Triple Cross)

Here at IB.net we seem to be finding and watching a lot of movies from Indonesian cinema. They really love action flicks with a lot of karate, gun fights, and explosions. We’ve also reviewed a few Cynthia Rothrock movies in the last few months. So it was a treat to find her in an Indonesian movie… and if that wasn’t good enough, we found one with the god of action faces, Peter O’Brian! These 3 are a staple of cheesy low budget action films. Needless to say we had very high hopes for Angel of Fury, the 1991 film by Rambu (aka The Intruder) and The Stabilizer writer Deddy Armand. Wait a minute it’s called Angel of Fury… didn’t we just review a movie called Angel of Fury with Cynthia Rothrock? Yes we did, but that is a different one if you can believe that!

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Lady Dragon 2 (aka Angel of Fury)

Sometimes we watch movies that were so forgettable that it doesn’t really seem worth writing 1000 words about them.  I had an experience with one of those types of movies recently – the Cynthia Rothrock film “Lady Dragon 2” aka “Angel of Fury” – not to be confused with the OTHER Cynthia Rothrock movie called Angel of Fury with Peter O’Brian, which I’m sure is totally awesome.  Unfortunately, this Angel of Fury is just plain awful.

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