For those of you who never had a chance to see the full Grindhouse double feature in the theater not only did you miss out on a hell of a gruesome ride, but you missed some amazingly funny fake trailers by Robert Rodriquez, Quentin Tarantino and a few other directors. One of those trailers was for Machete. The positive out-pour over the trailer was so great that Rodriquez decided to make the dream come alive. That dream was a lead role for long time bad guy Danny Trejo, who plays an ex Mexican Federale who prefers the devastation of a huge blade to the precision of a gun.  Those not familiar with the name should be much more familiar with the face and the work of Trejo.  He had small, usually bad guys parts in movies like The Replacement Killers, Heat, Desperado, and even as an Indian chief in Fanboys.  His scarred face and tattooed body is not something you easily forget, and now you get to see him as the hero which is a long time coming for the 66-year old actor who spent years in and out of prison.

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