The Brood

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Let’s face it; we’ve all had some kind of childhood trauma. Whether it’s an ass-kickin’ for a bad report card, a dead pet, bullies, alcoholic parent(s), a perverted uncle, and list goes on and on in this sick and twisted thing we call life. Well, what if we could take all of those repressed emotions caused by life’s stressors and turn them into a group of minions that react to your capricious rage? Oh, and by the way, these minions start as little bumps on your skin and eventually develop into fetuses on the outside of your body. Welcome to the world of David Cronenberg and his 1979 sci-fi horror film, The Brood. This name should conjure up some classic macabre images, and if it doesn’t, just check his résumé: Shivers, Rabid, Scanners, Videodrome, The Dead Zone, The Fly (1986), and eXistenZ. And those are just his stabs at the horror genre. Cronenberg has always used his horror films to explore the human body and The Brood (his second film) is an early example of this.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Scanners

For this week’s Trailer Tuesday, we bring you the trailer for the 1981 David Cronenberg film SCANNERS


Scanners is a good mix of Sci-Fi and Horror/Suspense from the master David Cronenberg, and features the infamous exploding head clip that you’ve probably seen all over the internet.  Check out our review of Scanners and find out more about the ConSec plot to take over the world with their telekinetic army.


James Woods plays a small cable channel exec in David Cronenberg‘s 1983 Film “Videodrome“.  Max Renn (Woods) runs the small network Civic TV, which shows the most offbeat, weird and bizarro shows on TV (I have to admit, it sounds like my kind of station), and he’s always looking for a new show to put on the airwaves.  The newest crop that his sales agent is proposing aren’t edgy enough for him, it’s all too softcore, too pedestrian.  He needs something a little more shocking, not only to keep interest in his station, but also because he needs something to get excited about.  Soon after, his tech intercepts a few minutes of “Videodrome” and Renn’s interest is piqued.

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When I was younger, I always thought having a super power or ability like the talent of flight or invisibility would be awesome.  As I get older, I realize that Telepathy would probably be a lot cooler.  You could read minds, use the power of persuasion, or have the ability to find out what people are thinking – their wants, desires…  Cameron Vale (played by Stephen Lack) has that power, but at times it more of a hinderance than it is a gift.  You see, he’s a scanner – one of only 237 in the world that has unique telepathic abilities that allows him to control others with his mind – and he’s on the lookout for another person who shares his ability.  The problem is, that other person is on the wrong side.

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