The Evil Dead

Fall is fast approaching.  The weather is getting cooler and it’s getting the perfect time to go out to the woods and snuggle up next to your honey near a fire.  When your friends invite you and your lady friend out to an isolated cabin in the wilderness for some good times and libations, it sounds like a good idea.  When they tell you they got it for cheap you assume that it has to be a pit, and when you get there it is.  Everything seems to be in order, but when the cellar door starts flapping in the house like there’s someone down there, you should just leave it alone.  If you do happen to go down there and find a book that looks like it’s got a cover made of skin, a tape recorder and some kind of ceremonial dagger – for the love of all that is holy, don’t bring them upstairs and play the recording.  You might just unleash The Evil Dead

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Every now and then, especially during election years, certain topics come to light, such as, separation of church and state, immigration, racism and abortion.  While the endless blah blah blahing from either side is enough to make my ears bleed, I thought it was time to get a different perspective..  So that got me thinking, hmm, how would forces of evil deal with these social issues?  They already have a lot of issues with separation of church and state because they’re always getting exorcised or banished, immigration and racism are not new to them either, with civilians always scolding them, “not in my neighborhood”.  That leaves abortion.  So imagine my delight when I saw this movie sitting on the video rental shelf!

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My Name is Bruce

I’ve been seeing a lot of these commercials telling me to put “ICE” in front of my emergency contact on my cell phone.  That way In Case of Emergency, like if I am in an accident, or have a heart attack the paramedics will know who to call.  It gets you thinking about things like that; If I needed help who would I call.  If I had car troubles I would certainly call my step-dad the master mechanic.  If there was a zombie apocalypse I would most definitely call Sean because he’s the only one who has seen more zombie movies than me.  But what if I was trapped by evil spirits in a cabin in the woods, or if I opened the crypt to an ancient Chinese demon?  Well in that case I would have to call Bruce Campbell!  But is Bruce just as heroic and cunning as the characters he plays in movies and on TV… I guess we’re about to find out because the town of Goldlick needs some help and there is no one else to call!

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ghouliesA word of advice to all you young party goers, if a friend of yours suggests you all take part in a satanic ritual, you should consider getting new friends.  I think another warning sign is if they invite you over to their house in the middle of the night for dinner and insist that you wear sunglasses for the duration of meal, your spider sense should be tingling.  In other words, get the hell out of there, pronto.  Peter, the “friend” mentioned above, and his girlfriend Rebecca move into an old mansion that contain some dangerous secrets, and Peter quickly comes under the evil influence of the house itself in 1985’s Ghoulies.

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