Outtake Reel

Imagine being on set with your favorite movie director, and being able to document the process for posterity purposes, and just for fun!  You would get to see a glimpse of movie magic and how things come together.  You could see actors get into character, the film crew setting up for all the important shots, and the director freaking out because no one takes things as serious as he does.  But what if things got a little too serious.  What if something which should be enjoyable and rewarding turned deadly!  What would you do as the documentarian… would you get involved or walk away?

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“Recovered Footage”  horror movies are seemingly becoming more  and more popular in the last few years (The Last Exorcism, Paranormal ActivityThe Blair Witch Project, etc.).  Posing themselves as documentary footage, they are usually pretty effective at capturing the realism of the event, and they provide us with a first hand account of what the characters are going through during each particular event of the film.  [REC] is another in that line of film making, and it proves itself to be very effective at scaring your friggin pants off.

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Project Grizzly

I’ve never been a huge fan of documentaries, they just never seem to live up to the hype.  I’d rather watch an original film shot like a documentary or a mockumentary, something like Spinal Tap.  Unless you are super excited about the topic, documentaries rarely have enough material to keep you interested, and there is typically no payoff at the end.  Such is the problem with Project Grizzly.  This documentary is the story of Troy Hurtubise, a man whose life was spared by a grizzly while walking through the Canadian wilderness.  Now years later he is back to find the grizzly, with the help of his homemade bear-suit, the Ursus Mark VI.

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