Super Mario Bros.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, or if you just peruse the review archives, you’ll notice something about Internal Bleeding.  We love 80’s and 90’s unconditionally, and that love goes hand in hand with our love of the cinema from that period of time.  Along with spending a lot of my formative years watching garbage movies, I also spent a lot of time playing video games, and Nintendo in particular.  I can remember spending hours sitting around at either my house or my friend’s houses playing games from the Super Mario franchise.  One really strong memory I have is when my friend Bobby told us all that he was getting Super Mario Bros. 2 for his birthday in October, and that he had already found his copy under his parents bed and had beaten it.  After we had proven that he was a liar, we made sure to promptly beat him.  With all that greatness surrounding that entire series of games, you can only imagine the excitement that my friends and I had when we heard the announcement that they were making a SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE!

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Hands of Steel

Well, I’m back. Yep, I’m back from my trip. Did you hear about my trip? I built a time machine that took me to the future. Boy, the future sure is rough. It was a dystopia where the environment was in some rough shape. People were living on the streets, and there were dryer vents randomly scattered everywhere making connections to nowhere, from doors to windows, from interior walls to ceilings. Shit, I even saw those dryer vents on top of cars for some reason that I never really did figure out. Fashion and cars were a lot like they were back in 1986, and the only way I could really tell it was the future was because I saw some people wearing these cool watches with calculators on their wrists, which were pretty impressive.

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