They say the brain is the biggest muscle in the human body… wait, or is it the butt?  I don’t know I always get those two confused…  Regardless, the brain is a powerful weapon.  But what if you could use your brain to control an even more powerful weapon?  Like say, a robot?  Now there is an answer to that question, and the answer is Mandroid.

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Future Hunters


From all the movies I’ve seen that take place at least 20 years in the future, things are going to be pretty bleak for us, with the post-apocalyptic world and all.  We visit another one of these era’s in Cirio H. Santiago‘s 1986 film Future Hunters, where everything is all Mad Max, and people chase each other around in cars looking to get a leg up on the competition.  In this case, Matthew (Richard Norton) is being chased and in order to save the world, he has to get his hands on the spear that pierced Jesus’ chest, the spear of destiny.  He manages to grab it seconds before he’s about to be blown up, and his contact with the spearhead transports him 39 years to the past – from 2025 all the way back to 1986, and in proximity to our main subjects, Michelle and Slade (Robert Patrick).  After Matthew is shot and on his way to death’s door, he fills in Michelle and Slade on what the spearhead is, and that they need to contact a “Hightower” in order to learn how to save the future… Wow… heavy, man.

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Angel of Fury (aka Triple Cross)

Here at we seem to be finding and watching a lot of movies from Indonesian cinema. They really love action flicks with a lot of karate, gun fights, and explosions. We’ve also reviewed a few Cynthia Rothrock movies in the last few months. So it was a treat to find her in an Indonesian movie… and if that wasn’t good enough, we found one with the god of action faces, Peter O’Brian! These 3 are a staple of cheesy low budget action films. Needless to say we had very high hopes for Angel of Fury, the 1991 film by Rambu (aka The Intruder) and The Stabilizer writer Deddy Armand. Wait a minute it’s called Angel of Fury… didn’t we just review a movie called Angel of Fury with Cynthia Rothrock? Yes we did, but that is a different one if you can believe that!

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Virgins from Hell

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With me being an emerging fan of Indonesian cinema I was fairly optimistic about the 1987 film Virgins from Hell (Perawan disarang sindikat) directed by Ackyl Anwari. First of all the title sends a mass overload of wonderful images to my mind. And ‘B’ it stars Harry Capri who we all remember from The Stabilizer and Rambu (aka The Intruder). So this should be a good movie filled with high entertainment and some decent nudity right? Let’s see…

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