Ahh, video games.  A world I would often escape to as a child, and still do to this day.  Where else can you be a commando, a plumber, a young boy on a quest to save the world or genetically modified person who listens to anyone who asks “would you kindly?”  Michael Brower is just like any one of us; A young man who wants to escape his boring life and become something he’s not.  He runs a horror club at school which has just gotten shut down, and he doesn’t really have much to live for since he mom was killed in a horrible car accident.  Luckily his best friend Kyle has found just the right thing.  He shows Michael a magazine advertisement for the latest and greatest in interactive video games: Brainscan!

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Super Mario Bros.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, or if you just peruse the review archives, you’ll notice something about Internal Bleeding.  We love 80’s and 90’s unconditionally, and that love goes hand in hand with our love of the cinema from that period of time.  Along with spending a lot of my formative years watching garbage movies, I also spent a lot of time playing video games, and Nintendo in particular.  I can remember spending hours sitting around at either my house or my friend’s houses playing games from the Super Mario franchise.  One really strong memory I have is when my friend Bobby told us all that he was getting Super Mario Bros. 2 for his birthday in October, and that he had already found his copy under his parents bed and had beaten it.  After we had proven that he was a liar, we made sure to promptly beat him.  With all that greatness surrounding that entire series of games, you can only imagine the excitement that my friends and I had when we heard the announcement that they were making a SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE!

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Street Fighter: The Movie

Back in 1991, the arcade game Street Fighter II was probably the biggest thing going in video games.  I remember taking $5 every couple days up to my local arcade “The Red Baron” and pounding every single quarter into that machine, trying to figure out and master the special moves for each character.  The one character that really drew my attention was Guile, the American Special Ops soldier who had a mean blonde flattop haircut (I had a flattop too, so I thought this was super rad).  I’m sure my daily $5 addiction helped fuel the millions upon millions of dollars that both the arcade games and each iteration of the console version of the game put on Capcom’s (the company that made SFII) bottom line.  And in 1994, it eventually convinced them that their game was popular enough cross over from nerdy obsession (like mine), to big budget Hollywood live action movie called Street Fighter.  Unfortunately, they probably made arguably one of the worst movies based on a video game that the world would ever see.

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The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming of reviews to bring you some news about an awesome webgame. The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2 are two games from Armor Games where you take the role of a zombie apocalypse survivor trying to survive 40 days in the wild.

The Last Stand keeps you behind a makeshift barricade fighting off a thrall of ever marching zombies during the night, and during the day, you’re scavenging for survivors or weapons to help you keep the plague back.

The newly released The Last Stand 2 has you doing all of those things, but also has you moving from barricade to barricade in the span of 40 days to make your way to Union City for an escape. While graphically similar, each game is fun, tense, and action packed with zombies. They’re a must play for any game fan and especially any zombie fan!

Click the images below to choose your choice of either The Last Stand 1, or The Last Stand 2