Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Hawaii is like paradise on earth.  It’s got sun, sand, and beautiful people.  It’s the type of place where you could shed all of your cares and worries and get away for a few days, or at least that’s the way it seems on the surface.  Dig a little deeper and it can be a place of mystery, intrigue and dangerous wildlife.  Donna (Dona Speir) and Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton) learn this the hard way, when they’re flying a newlywed couple on an overnight camping trip in their small plane to one of the islands, and come across a R/C helicopter flying in from the ocean.  The helicopter lands, one of the cockpit doors open, and they find two packages inside.  The only problem is that the helicopter and the packages weren’t meant for them, they were meant for the armed thugs that show up shortly after the copter lands, and want their packages.

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